Unibap offers different types of solutions depending on the customer's needs


Customized solutions

Static mounting of equipment

  • If it’s easy to do, make it easy
  • We assemble fixed cameras for analysis of articles that are either machined past our vision or arrive at conveys
  • We work in a fixed environment directly on the customer’s production line and screens a small part without interrupting production or using our own Vision cabinets

Robotized assembly

  • For complex products with many surfaces or very large objects that still require high-resolution detail images, robotic mounting is perfect
  • We use industrial robot (works with all brands) to get a flexible solution with grippers and vision
  • Can be mounted along an existing rope or as a separate cell
  • Robot gives great flexibility to view articles with very different attributes that become too complex for a static cell
  • The robot can also solve other tasks

Scope of supply/delivery

  • We do everything from feasibility studies to turnkey deliveries to industry
    Sometimes we only deliver logic software (IVP) or a report to determine the ability with vision and AI.
  • Usually we work in projects against customers to expand an already existing production cell with one or more AI functions or we deliver a new solution
  • We have strategic partners for cell building, but we can also work with your choice of supplier
  • We easily communicate with other industrial equipment such as robots and PLCs to get our AI function higher value (ie we look at quality and talk to the pack robot to remove defective ones)
  • We work with standard industrial cameras and lighting but also have our own IVS-70 for special applications

Machine learning

  • We work with customized solutions for your needs
  • Unibap are experts inimage analysis with AI
  • Creates unique neural networks with precisely the algorithms and filters needed to achieve an optimal solution for your system
  • Systems are not programmed in the classical sense but are given information about what is right and wrong (annotation)
  • This means that the system can be continuously improved over its lifetime
  • We always rely on our extremely competent IVP platform, which contains both our own algorithms and the market’s best open source AI algorithms.
  • IVP provides a variety of functions adapted for industrial use


  • Do you have an existing vision solution with cameras and lighting that does not work well enough
  • We can use existing rigs and only use our software to improve the quality of service
  • Minimal investment for improved earnings


  • We want to be a continual partner
  • Since the system has the potential to improve all the time, a continuous relationship between Unibap and the customer is important
  • We have support desk and service