Unibap is constantly developing new offers for strategic and customer-oriented verticals and areas

Areas and verticals

Industrial applications

Unibap continuously invests in solutions and products for industrial applications. In particular, we have so far invested in the following areas and capabilities:

Painting and coating

  • Reduced time to optimize deployment with a Skill module
  • Combine both surface quality inspection of A, B and C surfaces as well as geometric shape
  • Verify that the right item/article is on the paint line so that the nozzle used for coating will not be damaged and you must reverse the line

Casting and forging

  • Refinement of both molds and castings
  • Control of mold quality, sand release, cracks, etc.
  • Control of cast defects, deformities, material defects and even cavities in the material
  • AI for reading batch id in molds or on cast objects

Machined metal

  • Fits perfectly for crack inspection for complex high-precision items machined in cutters and lathes.
  • Find cracks, stains, material shortages and dimensions


Bioscience is a rapidly growing area with a relatively low degree of automation

  • Identification of deviations and quality
  • Picking, planting and positioning of micro objects
  • Automatic analysis of populations with can significantly increase production