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At the 4th of November Unibap held its inaugural SpaceCloud® Framework Training with 34 eager participants.  The Academy Trainer in charge, Unibap Engineer Aris Synodinos gives his insight about the first training and what to expect for those who join the next training on 20th of January.

– I think there was good interest especially from application developers. One key area of interest was the possibilities to port applications to the Framework. We got a lot of spontaneous questions and also positive feedback after the session from developers. We gave everyone access to a repository where they could try out for themselves.

I can see that there is an interest from developers to have follow-up workshops where everybody can try out the code together testing out specific tasks. This session I was showcasing the possibilites with The SpaceCloud® Framework, the functionality and the help you get as a developer, how to develop applications to it and the benefits of being an early adopter. Be sure not to miss out the next SpaceCloud® Framework Training on the 20th of January. We especially welcome applications developers in the Space Industry, says Aris Synodinos, Unibap Engineer and SpaceCloud® Framework Academy Trainer.

Aris Synodinos introducing the inaugural education

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Next training session is 20/1 2021.

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