ION SCV-003 Mission

Unibap's SpaceCloud solution will be integrated into D-Orbits ION Satellite Carrier spacecraft scheduled for launch in Q2 2021.

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Spacecraft integration and joint operations after launch

Unibap will deliver flight hardware and software to D-Orbit for spacecraft integration in March 2021. Unibap will support the spacecraft integration on ION and joint operations after launch. The ION platform is designed, manufactured, and operated by D-Orbit. While its primary function is to deliver and deploy smaller satellites into precise orbits and orbital slots, the spacecraft includes a plug-and-play mechanical, electric, and data interface that streamlines the integration of hosted payloads, like innovative technologies developed by startups, experiments from research entities, and instruments from traditional space companies with a mass ranging between 1 and 200 kg.

Unibap iX5-100 mounted for vibration testing on ground

The purpose of this mission is to demonstrate these new capabilities, characterize performance and gain practical experience in the operation of a cloud node in a spacecraft, connected securely to the cloud environment on the ground. A range of innovative solutions will be demonstrated, for advanced geospatial Earth Observation (EO) and Space Surveillance and Tracking (SST) applications using sophisticated, Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML) algorithms for extremely low-latency decision support. In addition, we will experiment with a variety of compression techniques for telemetry, and streaming video and other types of data.

Unibap's solution, which addresses the issues of deploying high power, modern COTS processors in the harsh space environment meant they were exactly the partner we needed for this mission

Simon Reid

COO, D-Orbit UK

The joint team will upload additional SpaceCloud applications and experiments as permitted by onboard resources and platform availability throughout the mission lifetime to maximize the business potential of in-space data processing. Opportunities for third parties to demonstrate the software as the first commercially available Cloud in Space may also be offered.

Unibap iX5-100 flight model

Unibap is supported by the European Space Agency through an ongoing project within the General Study Technology Program (GSTP) for supporting third party applications and aimed at the technology maturation of the SpaceCloud reliability SafetyChip and SafetyBoot features. SpaceCloud enable containerized orchestration and isolation which allow the resources to be assigned to parallel execution of applications.

The planned IOD with Unibap and D-Orbit will demonstrate a new concept of a single payload computer generating multiple data products in parallel, a method which can enable new mission concepts in the future

David Stenaari

On-Board Payload Data Processing Engineer, ESA