We are looking for a multi-faceted and brilliant Project Manager

Are you also aiming beyond the stars and Mars? Maybe you have read Asimov’s Foundation series one too many times?  At Unibap we work with robotics and AI in both industry and space. Join us on our trailblazing journey into Industry 5.0 and space!


About the job

As a project manager in Unibap you will lead one or several of our customer projects. You will be responsible for both finance, technical result, schedule, and customer relation for the project as well as leading the project team. You will participate in both the tenders before a contract is signed and give support to aftermarket when a project is delivered.

We have a great focus on project synergies, technical reuse and building a long-term relationship with our customers. And, with the project result, contribute to Unibap’s product portfolio. You will report to our Delivery Manager and cooperate both with our CTO and Sales as well as Finance and Communication.

Our projects are very varied, and you will work both in our industry as well as with space domain. We are ISO (9001:2015) certified company and find it very important to continuously improve our way of working and our processes. And as a manager you have an important role in contributing within specifically project management and project execution areas, but other areas as well.


About us

Unibap was founded in 2013 with the vision to use world-leading artificial intelligence for solutions in automation, both in the industry and in space. When working at Unibap you are one of the around 25 “bappers”, becoming a member of a tightly knit team of bright people. The company hold values such as inclusiveness and openness in high regard and aims to be the best employer possible.


About you

We believe you have worked at least a few years leading customer projects. You have skills in project management, leadership, setting goals, handling contracts, managing subcontractors, resource handling, and can use a combination of management skills and coaching to achieve a good result with our customers, project team and partners.

You communicate well and are a team player who can build and lead a team of engineers to solve complex tasks, even over some distance since we have offices in both Uppsala and Västerås. You are not afraid to act and take responsibility for your actions and those of the whole project team. You are without prestige and do not mind helping with all sorts of tasks to, with you team and colleagues, perform successful projects.

Your background is most likely within engineering, preferably software or hardware engineering.

Main skill set:

  • Project management, leadership, and project management processes
  • Product development processes (like principles of system engineering)
  • Quality and configuration management processes
  • Fluent in Swedish
  • Good command of English language
  • Driver’s license

Additional skill set:

  • Space domain knowledge, ESA processes
  • Industry knowledge (manufacturing 4.0)
  • Development and engineering skills
  • Project management certified



Uppsala or Västerås


If you have any questions regarding the tasks or required skills please contact Quality and Customer Delivery Manager Karolina Bruhn on phone number +4618 320 330.

Do you have any general questions regarding Unibap? Do not hesitate to contact our Head of Talent Lena W Jansson via e-mail: lena.w-jansson@unibap.com.

Please send your application to our Liaison administrator.
Use the subject line: “PM Nov20 Unibap” and include a CV and a personal letter (in the following formats: pdf, docx or doc).


We look forward to hear from you!