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  • Computer vision engineer

    You will be part of Unibap vision application team that creates computer vision applications for industrial and space applications using platforms such as the Unibap IVS stereo camera platform. The IVS (Intelligent Vision System) contains heterogeneous computing platform with a combination of compute power from FPGA, GPU and CPU.

    The work will include

    • Exploring and developing state of the art vision algorithms for industrial or space applications, either by using classic computer vision and/or employing deep neural networks
    • Partitioning the vision algorithms on the various compute modules on the camera platform

    Expected qualifications

    • A good grasp of classic computer vision algorithms as well as deep learning based techniques
    • Knowledge of a low level language such as Python, c++ or Rust

    Desirable Skills & Experience

    • An understanding of low level optimization on GPU/CPU
    • Practical experience with machine learning approaches for object classification/localization
    • Understanding of software architecture

    For more information, please contact Oskar Flordal,

    Please send your application to

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