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  • 14 July, 2017

    Project manager

    At Unibap we run multiple internal and customer facing projects at any one time. This could be developing the next state of the art Vision systems or secure compute platforms as well as customer facing software and software platform projects. Projects will have components developed in house by our engineers and contractors as well as components designed by outside design houses. As a project manager at Unibap you would help ensure these components are delivered into one successful product in a timely manner.

    Work will include

    • Manage the hardware projects making sure Mechanics/electronics and software gets released in a timely manner
    • Talking to our partners working on things like electronics manufacturing and mechanics design
    • Together with engineers define and keep time projections up to date
    • Develop the project management methodology into an efficient system adapted to our organization

    Expected qualifications

    • An agile mindset
    • Experience with running or being part of large projects

    Desirable Skills & Experience

    • Experience with electronics and mechanics manufacturing
    • Experience in developing products for one of more of our target markers Space, QA and Industrial automation

    For more information, please contact Oskar Flordal,

    Please send your application to

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