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    Here you can download images, logo, and product pictures from the Unibap media bank.

    Media information

    Copyright and usage

    Unibap owns the copyright to the images and allow free-of-charge use provided that the user credit Unibap AB as the source.


    Videos can be found in our youtube channel.

    Unibap logo

    Download transparent Unibap logo in PNG 1200 dpi format.

    Download high resolution Unibap logo in vectorized EPS format.


    Unibap horizontal transparent logo alternative.


    Chief Executive Officer / Managing Director, Dr. Fredrik Bruhn

    Download high-res image.

    Head of Communication & Talent. Mrs Lena W. Jansson

    Products & solutions

    Robotized Quality Assurance example with IVS-70.

    Download high-res image.


    Pick-and-Place with QA application example using IVS-70.

    Download high-res image.

    Unibap IVS-70.

    Download high-res image.


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