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  • 28 November, 2017

    Communication code for ABB and Universal Robots

    Within the ”Perfect View” project Unibap has now implemented controller support for both ABB and Universal Robots industrial robots. When running an assembly application Unibap utilizes the output from a CAD program to generate instructions for the Intelligent Vision System (IVS-70). The IVS-70 will apply its computing and vision capabilities to plan the work necessary to fulfill the instructions from the CAD model.

    To perform a specific action the IVS needs to communicate instructions to the industrial robot. Industrial robots from different manufacturers typically communicate in different ways – the protocols are not always standardized. For each robot manufacturer Unibap needs to add translation code so that the IVS transactions can be performed on that particular platform.

    Now the network communication code has been tested and verified for ABB robots (with Robotdalen) and for Universal Robots (with Chalmers University of Technology).

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