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  • 28 April, 2017

    Oskar Flordal new Development Manager at Unibap

    Oskar Flordal has been appointed Development Manager at Unibap. Most recently, Oskar worked at the global hardware company ARM as a module architect where he was responsible for among others image compression in the graphics processing unit.

    – Only now is processing power sufficient to handle advanced machine learning, says Oskar Flordal. Unibap’s technology opens up new opportunities for the automotive industry, and we expect to see rapid technological progress over the next few years.

    Thanks to his background, Oskar has an in-depth knowledge of many of the components included in Unibap’s hardware platform. He is keenly interested in the development of robots and has experience working with image analysis as well as artificial intelligence. Oskar also contributes valuable product development skills for the global market to Unibap’s management team.

    – In the context of the strong expansion of Unibap’s operations that we have embarked on, we will be challenged by the need to remain strong and maintain technical speed. We want to strengthen the organisation and our product development processes, says Oskar.

    – We are thrilled that Oskar Flordal is joining our team, says Fredrik Bruhn, CEO at Unibap. His skills and experience will be very useful in our continued development of solutions for the automation industry.

    Oskar Flordal was born in 1982. He grew up in Strängnäs, but currently lives with his wife and two children in Uppsala. In his leisure time, he enjoys road cycling.

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