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  • 7 February, 2016

    Unibap acquires all assets of Robcab AB

    Unibap has acquired all assets of Robcab AB including patents, designs, and ordering system for the RobCab Autonomous Transportation Robot Systems to hospitals and health care centers.

    Mälardalen is considered to be the European center of excellence in automation and robotics, hosting amongst others ABB, a world leader in industrial robotics as well as a number of companies in the area of health robotics. Many innovative robotics start-up companies collaborates under the umbrella of Robotdalen and automation industry association Automation Region.

    The heritage of RobCab goes back to ABB more than 10 years, where ABB with their resources laid the foundation for today’s RobCab with an in depth research & development effort and market study focusing on the future of robotics. 1st generation RobCab robot was launched in 2004 following by the 2nd generation robot in 2010 proving user’s acceptance and total concept.

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