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  • 21 November, 2016

    Unibap becomes a participant of European Space Agency Business Incubator Centre (ESA BIC Sweden) in Sweden

    Unibap is proud to announce our participation in the European Space Agency Business Incubator Center (ESA BIC Sweden) as one of the first companies to be selected for incubation during two years.

    The space industry is rapidly changing and advanced technologies are spin-in and spun-out between space and industrial applications. Unibap is spearheading this effort by taking industrial artificial intelligence to space together with unique and novel heterogeneous computing using the Deep Delphi platform. The Deep Delphi platform take space heritage and design rules to industrial robotics and automation. Among the space features re-used on Earth applications are the ability to do in-field remote maintenance, redundancy principles, and optimized electrical power profiles.

    As part of the ESA BIC Sweden experience, each member get free of charge access to the ESA’s intellectual property catalogue, including patents and software as well as a cash support of €50 000 Euro.

    – We are very happy and enthusiastic to begin the incubation in ESA BIC Sweden. This gives us access to a large network of experts, ranging from ESA technical staff to highly experienced company leaders. It also gives us access to ESA’s investments in robotics and artificial intelligence, says Fredrik Bruhn, CEO of Unibap AB.

    ESA BIC Sweden is a national incubator sponsored by the European Space Agency, the Swedish National Space Board, and VINNOVA.

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