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  • 21 April, 2017

    Unibap joins Research Associate Partner Program at SOLIDWORKS

    Unibap has qualified for SOLIDWORKS’ Partner Program at the Research Associate level. Research Associate is an entry level in the multi-level Partner Program for companies that plan to offer products or services that are compatible with SOLIDWORKS software products. At this level, companies are provided with software for use in developing, testing and demonstrating new concepts.

    – Unibap’s intelligent vision system IVS-70 gives robots the ability to see and make autonomous decisions. We want to provide the system with CAD drawings from SOLIDWORKS, and in that way make it recognize its tools and working objects and carry out precision work, says Lars Asplund, CSO at Unibap.

    SOLIDWORKS was founded in 1993 and offers complete 3D software tools that are easy to learn and use. Product designers and engineers worldwide, representing more than 240,000 organizations, use SOLIDWORKS to bring their designs to life.

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