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  • 24 April, 2017

    Unibap shows the potential of intelligent machine vision

    In cooperation with SOLIDWORKS and ByBrick, Unibap has developed an animation that shows the potential of intelligent machine vision. The animation illustrates how Unibap’s vision system IVS-70 is used to control an industrial robot in a typical workflow. In this example, the robot’s mission is to drill holes in a workpiece.

    – Unibaps IVS system recognizes objects in the robot cell using CAD drawings. The work is prepared in SOLIDWORKS and transferred to IVS-70 via the internet, says Lars Asplund, CSO at Unibap.

    The animation shows how the IVS-70 carries out the task, step by step. The robot arm is controlled to locate the workpiece, the right tool is selected and then the drilling is carried out. A final control of the tool is performed – in this example to ensure that the drill is not broken. There is no need for fixture and IVS-70 measures positions in x, y and z joints with a few micrometers accuracy.

    The IVS-70 consists of a stereo camera and a high performance computer that analyzes images in a similar way that the human brain is processing visual impressions – an artificial vision center. In 2016 Unibap, together with Robotdalen, showed that the IVS-70 can be used to control all ABB robots on the market.

    – Unibap’s technology gives robots the ability to see and make decisions. With this animation, we want to showcase the possibilities, especially for small and medium-sized companies. Using our technology they can utilize robots in a simpler and more cost-effective way, says Lars Asplund.

    Watch animation on YouTube

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