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  • 30 July, 2017

    Unibap’s Intelligent Vision System prototype featuring the AMD Embedded 2nd Gen G-Series SoC with Enterprise error correction

    Professor Lars Asplund, CSO of Unibap, demonstrates an application of the Intelligent Vision System (IVS), powered by an AMD Embedded G-Series SoC and the Unibap Deep Delphi software framework. This particular demonstration of 3D measurements in real time, is a key feature together with Deep Learning for Unibap’s business lines, industrial robot control, quality assurance, and robotics in general.

    Unibap’s IVS product has the potential to enable dramatically reduced installation and operation cost of advanced machine vision solutions by combining state-of-the-art heterogeneous computing with aerospace heritage with redundancy and fault tolerance with advanced Deep Learning methods in a single unit that can safely run night and day, year around and perform its operation without the need of a traditionally costly infrastructure and multiple vendor software and computers.

    The product has the possibility to be well suited for applications on mobile platforms, outdoor operation, heavy manufacturing factories and small and medium-sized enterprises (SME). The IVS is prepared to provide enhanced analysis and performance in conjunction with industrial Fog computing enabling computing services to reside at the edge of the network as opposed to servers in a data-center.

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