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  • 28 August, 2017

    Welcome Elisabeth

    By the 1st of September Elisabeth Schold Linnér is joining Unibap, taking the role as Intermediates engineer. Elisabeth holds a PhD in Computerized Image Analysis from Uppsala University in Sweden.

    After finishing her PhD studies in 2015 she has been engaged as consultant at Savantic, most of the time working for the Swedish company Tobii as an algorithm developer of eye-tracking for VR applications.

    – Elisabeth’s knowledge and strong background in computer vision will make a major contribution in our application development, says Fredrik Bruhn, CEO at Unibap. I am also very glad that she has profound engagement in co-creation as well as education for the future of work. This represents fully Unibap’s vision as a socially responsible company.

    – Unibap caught my interest with their ingenious ideas for automation solutions for startups and other small to medium-sized manufacturing companies, says Elisabeth Schold Linnér. I’m also attracted to the ways of working that encourage communication and collaboration among co-workers and with customers. I look forward to joining the team!

    When not working, Elisabeth enjoys traveling, crafts, working in the garden, listening to audio books, vegetarian cooking, and spending time with friends and family.

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