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  • Smart Plant Automatic Painting & Coating Quality Assurance

    Quality control automation and productivity

    Unibap’s automated quality control solutions for Painting & Coating applications contribute significantly to increased productivity and enhanced understanding of product quality measures over time. The
    manufacturing industry is particularly benefiting from the use of fully automated production lines,
    and if added with automatic storage and analysis of product quality data, the potential for continuous
    improvements in many different processes and functions brings unmatched productivity potential
    and a rapid return on investment.

    Unibap Automated Quality Assurance and Control for Smart Plants
    • Increases productivity
    • Consistent, objective quality assurance of all products
    • Enhance Smart Factory concepts

    Unibap collaborates with partners such as GE Digital, Novotek and Miba Industriteknik.

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    Deep Delphi iX5

    Unibap Deep Delphi iX5 compute solution for Intelligent Data Processing with machine learning capability.

    The DD-iX5 On-board Data processing (OBDP) solution is based on a space proven core flown in space since May 2016 and co-developed with Troxel Aerospace Industries Inc with support from the Swedish National Space Agency.

    Our computing solutions in the e20 and e21 families are compatible with the iX5 platform which provides up to 4 CPU cores, 128 GPU shader cores and an FPGA. Software development for the iX5 can be developed using the Optimized Development Kit (ODE).

    On-board artificial intelligence made easy by Unibap for applications such as:

    • Science & Technology demonstrations
    • Human assist applications
    • Autonomous vehicles operation
    • Surveillance
    • Space Situational Awareness
    • Synthetic aperture radar
    • Interplanetary exploration
    • Rapid warfighter information distribution

    This product is distributed in the U.S.A. by Moog Inc through Moog Broad Reach.

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    Intelligent Vision System

    Unibap introduces the Intelligent Vision System (IVS) series of mission critical visual perception solutions. Unibap’s state-of-the-art industrial grade Intelligent Vision System (IVS) -70 Stereo camera features two Color or Monochrome 5.2 MegaPixel (MP) sensors with global shutter and CPU/GPU/FPGA accelerated image processing.

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    ODE Development kit

    Unibap provides an Optimized Development Environment (ODE) kit for rapid development of new software applications using Unibap’s heterogeneous computing modules and solutions. The ODE is provided in a black casing featuring normal PC connectors and power for simplicity.

    This product is distributed in the U.S.A by Moog Inc through Moog Broad Reach.

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    Hetereogeneous Computing Modules

    Unibap’s e20x0 and e21x0 heterogeneous computing modules for safety critical embedded applications are uniquely tailored and extended Qseven(R) modules featuring multi-core CPU, 128 ALU GPU cores, and 55 kLU FPGA with advanced error correction.

    This product is distributed in the U.S.A. by Moog Inc through Moog Broad Reach.

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    Healthcare Logistics Solutions

    Our solutions include autonomous transportation of both small goods, e.g. medications, test samples and blood products as well as pulling standard carts with e.g. linen, liquids, food, and sterilized goods. The RCab300 can further assist in pulling beds and providing guiding services.

    This product is End-of-Life.

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