Virtual SmallSat 2020

Unibap at the virtual SmallSat 2020 conference.

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Welcome to meet Unibap at the virtual SmallSat 2020 conference

In partnership with the Atlantic Council’s GeoTech Center, Unibap invites you to a virtual side meeting on august 5th. So do not hesitate, tune in for a virtual roundtable on the future of orbit AI and Cloud Computing in Space.

The lively discussion features a distinguished panel of experts to address the topic of On-Orbit AI and Cloud Computing.


Dr. Peter Wegner

Chief Strategy Officer
Spaceflight Industries

John W. Hines
f.m. Chief Technologist
NASA Ames Research Center

Pierre-Philippe Mathieu
Head of Philab Explore Office
European Space Agency

Jody Medich 

Principal Design Researcher, Office of the CTO

Shayn Hawthorne
Senior Manager, Aerospace and Satellite Solutions Unit
Amazon Web Services

Moderated By:

Dr. David Bray
Director, GeoTech Center
Atlantic Council

Dr. Fredrik Bruhn
Unibap AB;
Nonresident Senior Fellow, GeoTech Center
Atlantic Council

The conversation looks into the opportunities afforded by on-orbit AI and cloud computing. Questions that the panelists will answer include:

1. What impacts on business models and geopolitical decisions will a higher degree of timely global information from intelligent processing on earth observation and remote sensing give?

2. Will a capability of on-board autonomy operations and automated mission planning be key enablers to provide timely, low-latency and low-cost user information? Are there differences if you consider constellations of smaller satellites or a few larger more capable satellites?

3. How will future science, exploration missions, and human settlements on the Moon and Mars benefit from a higher degree of on-orbit AI and cloud computing?

4. Will we see the same driving forces behind on-orbit cloud computing services as we have experienced for cloud computing for ground-based services?

5. Will the capability for on-orbit cloud technologies bring forward an echo system of applications that can be deployed with high flexibility supported by new commercial models (i.e. pay-as-you-go)?

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Read more about the side meetings on the conference website

The video above  introduce the SpaceCloud® system solution for Machine Learning and Cloud Computing  The video, produced by Unibap and our US partner Moog Inc, provides additional information on how capabilities for near real-time processing and AI can be utilized on a 6U CubeSat in the NASA HyTI mission.


Small Satellite conference is the premier event in the world for topics covering small satellites. Usually the event is held in Logan, Utah during the first week of August. Due to covid-19, this year the event will be held as a free-of-charge virtual conference. This enable more attendance from around the globe and perhaps some aliens from Mars.

The 34th Annual Small Satellite Conference will explore the realm of possible space mission architectures and how they can be practically achieved to support the diverse needs of the global space community.