Space Offering

Unibap is at the very forefront of cloud-based automation solutions and artificial intelligence for the space industry. Our products are in space since 2016.


We take the Cloud higher

With our radiation resistant SpaceCloud® Services, we have created a flexible yet powerful infrastructure for artificial intelligence in space. Our software and hardware offer world-leading cloud services, intelligent data processing, sensor management, and storage of data analyses for adapted distribution of relevant information.

Regardless of whether a customer owns, operates or leases workspace in space, we offer a flexible infrastructure for mesh networks, artificial intelligence, application development and frameworks for space adapted IoT systems.

Unibap core space offerings include:

  • Radiation tolerant payload computing hardware
  • Linux Driver/API & Application Software Development
  • AI algorithm development and implementation
  • Software for data distribution



The advantage of our space cloud is the possibility of information processing and storage directly in the spacecraft, which enables low-latency applications for alarm chains, change detection etc. This reduces the need for downloading raw data, which significantly lowers the cost of communication and frees bandwidth for important data.

SpaceCloud® is being developed with the support of the European Space Agency (ESA) within the advanced Earth observation program and the Swedish national space program.

SpaceCloud® software can be run on our solutions and selected products. It can be integrated into the space vehicles through the our computer solutions.
To develop Apps for SpaceCloud® , our SpaceCloud® SDK development environment is needed, which contains software for enhanced radiation tolerance according to the Unibaps SafetyChip and SafetyBoot functionality. SafetyChip and SafetyBoot are supported in Unibap’s computer hardware.

Contact us for more information on how you can get computer clouds in space or develop applications that are compatible with SpaceCloud®.