SpaceCloud® Hardware

Our hardware has been on orbit since 2016

Hardware for intelligent onboard data processing

Unibap offers space computer solutions for large and small spacecraft. A computer solution contains everything needed in terms of power generation, calculation, data storage, communication interface, etc. Therefore, a computer solution is not comparable to an individual computer card. Our computer solutions are state-of-the-art radiation tolerant intelligent payload processing solutions for applications in space utilizing AMD SoC GPU and CPU in combination with a SmartFusion2 FPGA to provide a powerful computing solution.

We also offer both flight ready models, development kits and optimized development environments for rapid development of Applications on SpaceCloud® or standalone solutions with customer-specific code.

Unibap offers computer modules with different performance and power consumption. Computer modules can be customized for satellite constellations or special needs. We offer ready-made standard solutions with computer modules, storage, I / O cards for many applications. 

Distribution in the USA

Since January 2019, Unibap has been collaborating in the US with Moog Inc for distribution of space and aviation products.

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