SpaceCloud® iX5-100

SpaceCloud® computer solution

iX5-100 SpaceCloud® solution

Unibap’s iX5-100 is a SpaceCloud® computer solution for large and small spacecraft. The solution can be customized as needed, usually with the input / output (I/O) part that varies between vehicles.

The iX5-100 uses computer modules from the Unibap e20xx / e21xx series with support for GPU and one or more neuron network accelerators. Fully equipped, the iX5-100 has the capacity for several trillion computational operations per second (TOPS).

iX5-100 without I/O module.

The iX5-100 can be equipped with two M.2 format SSD disks for data storage and Apps. The M.2 drives are connected to separate SATA v3 interfaces of 6 Gbps each. In addition, there is also a 64 GB eMMC disk as well as an SD card reader for further storage expansion.

iX5-100 with two M.2 format SSD disks.

The iX5-100 can be customized in several steps. The image below shows the I / O card in green at the bottom of the image. The standard I / O card contains in / outputs for Camera Link, stepper motor control, LVDS for radio communication, AD590 temperature measurement, and a mini-PCIE slot for calculation expansion or WiFi / Zigbee / other communication..

iX5-100 illustration with I/O board

The iX5-100 supports a wide range of I/O, which can be further expanded with the FPGA. Supported include:

  • Gigabit Ethernet
  • CAN 2.0b
  • LVDS
  • RS422/485
  • I2C
  • SPI
  • GPIO
  • USB v2
  • USB v3
  • SATA v3
  • JTAG


Optional I/O expansion,

  • PCIexpress gen. 2, x4 lanes
  • SerDes
  • Camera Link
  • SpaceWire