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    All Unibap’s solutions are generic and easily tailored for different applications and situations. The following user cases represent a few examples of the possibilities.

    Automated quality assurance (QA) inspection for Smart Plants

    Unibap offer Smart Plant solutions for Automated Quality Assurance (QA/QC) together with our partner Miba Industriteknik  where we combine automatic quality inspection with robotics for end-to-end automation (e.g. automatic hanging and removal of parts on a moving conveyor).

    Our intelligent vision system (IVS) and IVS architecture can inspect each article on the conveyor and command the robot or a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) regarding which parts that are defective and thus should be sorted out of the flow.

    Together with our partners Novotek and GE Digital, Unibap can offer integration to GE Digital Plant Applications, MES, and Predix for full factory digitization.

    Automated quality control solutions make it possible to streamline and optimize production processes in the smart industry.

    Within this field, Unibap has carried out successful deliveries to Swedish industrial companies and is now hoping to find new partnerships with international companies.

    Unibap and Miba Mini-Smart Plant for Painting & Coating, demonstrated at Scandinavian Coating and Hannover Messe 2019.

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    Spacecraft information processing

    Unibap has an extensive background from its founders on space related avionics and systems. Providing massively parallel computing in space environment is a difficult and challenging task. Unibap has brought together more than 75 years of experience in aerospace, robotics, and rugged industrial PC computers to offer a market leading heterogeneous computing solution including processing capability and powerful carrier boards enabling things like image processing, rectification, indexing etc on orbit. Unibap provides space proven for spacecraft information processing solutions.

    Our heterogeneous computing offerings featuring 100 GFLOP and above performance spread over CPU, GPU and FPGAs are proven in space and hence suitable for space missions like Earth Observation, interplanetary exploration with autonomous rovers, space situational awareness and many more applications. Illustration is courtesy of NASA.

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    Industrial robotics

    Unibap’s Intelligent Vision System (IVS) 70 mm is very easy to deploy in advanced 3D visual perception applications for industrial robotics for tasks like random bin-picking and many other non cooperative applications. It is out-of-the-box ready for industrial environments and 24/7 dependable operation, bringing safety critical order to the machine vision chaos. ABB IRB-140 is used in a demonstration of the IVS-70 capability together with Robotdalen. The IRB-140 is a compact industrial robot from ABB and have six axes for multipurpose handling of payloads up to 6 kg and a reach of 810 mm (to axis 5). It can be floor mounted, inverted or wall mounted at any angle. The IVS-70 is easily deployed since it requires only an industrial Power-over-Ethernet (IEEE 802.3 at (30 W) interface to the robot controller. Unibap has developed a RAPID interface module which is part of the Enterprise Edition of Unibap IVS SDK to directly interact with any ABB robot. IVS-70 provides both 3D vision and spatial vision in a single box and has the capability for deep learning processing for advanced AI algorithms to identify targets or obstacles.

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