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    Pengar för små och medelstora företag att snabbare införa smart produktion med Unibap

    Unibap supportar Sveriges smarta produktion och konkurrenskraft

    Nu finns medel för små och medelstora företag att snabbare införa smart produktion. Stöd för konsulthjälp för att identifiera och utveckla graden av automation och robotisering kan sökas hos Tillväxtverket tillsammans med Unibap.

    Tillverkande små och medelstora företag kan söka 50%-75% i bidrag av projektkostnaden upp till 200 000 kr med kort handläggningstid.

    Mer information och ansökan görs hos tillvä

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    Presentation med mer information kan läsas här.

    Kontakta Unibap idag så hjälper vi Er.

    Phone: +46 18 32 03 30

    From the Front Lines: What’s Happening With AI Today (Part 3)

    Unibap presents at GE Digital European Automotive Forum, June 12-13

    Building on the collaboration with GE Digital, Unibap will participate at the GE Digital European Automotive Forum on June 12-13th 2019.

    Fredrik Bruhn, Unibap CEO, will present the Digital Thread for Intelligent Flexible Automation at a special session in the automotive forum.

    Contact Unibap for further information.

    For the first time, GE Digital brings its Predix Manufacturing Execution Systems (Predix MES) and Predix HMI/SCADA User Group, and Predix Asset Performance Management (Predix APM) User Group to Europe to share insights into product roadmaps and updates. The European Automotive Forum event will take place in our Paris Foundry on June 12 and 13.




    Unibap demo autonomous manufacturing with Intel and GE Digital

    Unibap launches Autonomous Manufacturing with Intel and GE Digital at 5G Business Summit in Kista

    No matter how fast or precisely they move, industrial robots only adapt as quickly as people can program them. Modified product specs, process improvements, customized orders—small changes like these add up to big costs whenever human intervention is required.

    Unibap provides solutions for flexible industrial robots for autonomous manufacturing together with GE Digital and Intel.

    Visit Unibap, Intel, and GE Digital at the 5G Business Summit in Kista, Electrum on May 22-23 2019 or at Inte’s 5G and IoT Innovation Center (5GIC).

    Please contact Unibap for further information and booking of demo events.

    A new vision for manufacturing

    People often use the future tense when talking about 5G and AI-powered robots, but in Stockholm, you can find one today.

    Intel’s 5G and IoT Innovation Center (5GIC) is together with Unibap and GE Digital demonstrating what could be the world’s first intelligent vision system (IVS) that uses video analytics at the edge to give AI full control of an industrial machine.

    Unibap’s solution for autonomous manufacturing integrates and combines Intelligent Automation (IA) and automatic quality inspection & Operations for discrete manufacturing.

    Unibap’s IVS architecture can plan and direct the motion and tasking of any industrial robot. It uses a methods like convolutional neural network (CNN) and generative adversarial networks (GAN) to analyze video and complementary sensors of the machine’s work and make operational decisions.

    Connecting Unibap’s solutions to Smart Plants

    Unibap’s solutions are scaleable from a single production line to global manufacturing spread over several Smart Plants through the Digital Thread partnership with GE Digital.

    The Digital Thread provides big data analytics in Predix Cloud, Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) on-premise with Edge computing and 5G connectivity.

    GE Digital analyses the real-time production data at the edge and transmits settings to the equipment using its Manufacturing Execution System. The system also passes information that doesn’t contribute to real-time decisions to the GE Predix Cloud for deeper analysis and benchmark. Predix Cloud and the MES solution can provide process optimizations and performance metrics over a global manufacturing chain.

    GE Digital – Plant Applications Waste Report example with Unibap data.

    Autonomous Manufacturing by Unibap, GE Digital and Intel.

    Every step in the manufacturing process generates gigabytes of valuable data every time it’s run. Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) track, control and document these steps in real-time helping manufacturers optimize production by understanding conditions on the plant floor.

    Learn how GE Digital and Intel are partnering together to improve manufacturing efficiency and asset reliability with IIoT. Together, we’ve developed an IIoT solution that performs analytics on-premise, at the edge, while collecting summary-level data for long-term trend analysis in the cloud.

    Discover how Predix Manufacturing Data Cloud (Predix MDC) reliably brings operational data to the enterprise level in the cloud and transforms it into a structured data set for cross-plant storage, analysis, and analytics.

    Presentation från Aktiekväll 8 april

    Se Unibaps finanschef, Ulrika Bergström och kommunikationschef Lena W. Jansson presentation vid Aktiespararnas Aktiekväll för kvinnor den 8 april.

    From the Front Lines with Fredrik Bruhn and David A. Bray

    Unibap exhibits Smart Plant solution at Hannover Messe April 1-5, 2019

    Unibap exhibits Smart Plant solution at the huge Hannover Messe 1-5 of April.

    Together with our partner Miba Industriteknik, we will demonstrate a Smart Plant solution at Hannover Messe, where we combine automatic quality inspection with robotics for automatic hanging and removal of parts on a moving conveyor.

    Our intelligent vision system inspects each article on the conveyor and command the robot or a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) which parts that are defective and thus should be sorted out of the flow.

    Automated quality control solutions make it possible to streamline and optimize production processes in the smart industry.

    Within this field, Unibap has carried out successful deliveries to Swedish industrial companies and is now hoping to find new partnerships with international companies.

    Meet Unibap in the Swedish Automation Pavillon in hall 11, stand E64.

    Warmly welcome to the Future of Manufacturing.

    Read more >

    Unibap receives pilot study with Komatsu Forest

    Unibap AB (publ.) has received a pilot study from Komatsu Forest relating to forest machine automation.

    In addition to the pilot study which will be conducted during 2019, Unibap and Komatsu Forest are also partners in the long term research project Auto2 lead by Skogforsk as announced in November 2018. Other Auto2 project members are BillerudKorsnäs, SCA, StoraEnso, Södra, Sveaskog, Holmen, BAE Systems, eXtractor, KTH, Umeå universitet, Luleå Tekniska Universitet, and Skogstekniska klustret.


    Unibap exhibiting with Miba Industriteknik at Scandinavian Coating Copenhagen

    Unibap and Miba Industriteknik will following the successful trade-show ELMIA Automation in 2018 exhibit together at the premier surface treatment exhibition, Scandinavian Coating.

    Come and visit Unibap and talk industrial automatic quality control using vision and Machine/Deep learning for painting and coating applications. Unibap and Miba will be present in stand 02:13 on March 20-21. Welcome by!

    Demo Highlight

    Unibap and Miba Industriteknik will display a demo of automatic hanging/de-hanging of parts on a moving conveyor combined with Unibaps system for automatic quality control using vision and Machine/Deep learning.