Unibap’s SpaceCloud® Solutions is a comprehensive suite of hardware, software, and services for every stage of your space mission.  

The core of SpaceCloud® Solutions is our cutting-edge computer families – iX5 and iX10 – that delivers robust, high-performance computing, and our Linux-based open-platform operating system – SpaceCloud® OS – that enables seamless communication with virtually any payload or system. All our products boost novel functions optimized for demanding applications like Edge computing, Autonomous Operation, and Cloud Computing in space. Although they are standardized, our highly skilled and experienced engineering team can provide advanced customization to fit your every need. 

We can supply engineering and flight models  of computers within months of your order, but to kickstart your project, we also offer user-friendly Application Development Systems where you can begin your software development from day one. To streamline development even more, we supply a variety of space-grade Applications – developed both in-house and by 3rd party operators. We can even help you verify your software in space through In-Orbit Demonstrations on Unibap computers already in space.  

Post launch, we offer an extensive service and support package, building on our ever-growing experience of operating and upgrading our computers in space, and we can support you in your quest for maximum lifetime value through over-the-air virtual payload enhancements throughout your mission. Finally, we offer life cycle management of your customized hardware solutions so that you can fly them again on your next space mission or choose the latest of our continuously improving standard products. Choose SpaceCloud® for a holistic, future-ready space solution.