Our high-resolution stereo camera with built-in processing power, compatible with the Intelligent Vision Platform (IVP)

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High-resolution stereo camera with built-in compute

Unibap’s rugged high-resolution stereo camera with internal processing power can work independently with local power supply or Power-of-Ethernet (PoE) with Gigabit LAN. Furthermore, there is access to USB v3 and CAN bus for function expansion or sensor / actuator control. The product is compatible with Unibap’s Intelligent Vision Platform (IVP).

  • Three in one” solution without the need for external hardware
  • For simpler vision problems, extremely easy to mount on fixed or moving platform
  • Functional test with industrial robots from ABB, KUKA, Yaskawa, FANUC, and Universal Robot.

IVS-70 frontside

IVS-70 backside