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In each project we work tailored to your needs

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How do we setup an automation project?

In each project, we work tailored to your needs and preferably with your most difficult-to-solve production problems. Depending on your needs, there are two options. Firstly, we can deliver a turnkey production cell complete with vision and robotics. Secondly, we can empower your existing vision system with our AI software Intelligent Vision Platform.

To be able to understand your production problems, the first step in each project is to visit you, digitally or on-site. Then you can show your production facility and point out the challenges that exist. Together, we choose a defined set of challenges to begin to investigate. Then, Unibap takes the challenge home to our engineering team and returns after that with a feasibility study or pilot project proposal. Read more about our customized solutions and the scope of the projects we can master below.

Static mounting of equipment

  • Don’t overcomplicate if you can make it easy
  • We set up fixed cameras for analysis of objects that are either machine-fed to our vision system or placed on conveyers
  • We work in a fixed environment directly on the customer’s production line or using our own Vision Cabinets

Robotic assembly

  • For complex products with different surfaces or massive objects that still require high-resolution detail images, robotic assembly is perfectly suited
  • We use the industrial robot (regardless of brand) to get a flexible solution with grippers and vision
  • Can be mounted along an existing line or as a separate cell
  • A robot provides excellent flexibility to view objects with very different attributes that become too complex for a static cell
  • Meanwhile, the robot can also solve other tasks

Scope of delivery

  • We do everything from feasibility studies to turnkey deliveries to industry
  • Sometimes we only deliver our logic software (IVP) or a report to determine the vision and AI ability scope
  • We usually work on customer projects to expand an existing production cell with one or more AI abilities or deliver a new solution altogether
  • We have strategic partners for cell construction, but we can also work with your supplier of choice
  • Our system communicate with other industrial equipment such as robots and PLCs so that our AI function can bring a higher value (i.e. we inspect the quality meanwhile ask the picking robot to remove faulty objects)
  • We work with industrial standard cameras and lighting but also have our IVS-70 camera for special applications

Machine learning

  • We work with customized solutions for your needs
  • Unibap are experts in image analysis with AI
  • Creates unique neural networks with precisely the algorithms and filters needed to achieve an optimal solution for your system
  • Systems are not programmed in the classical sense but are given information about what is right and wrong (annotation)
  • Thus, making it possible for the system to be continuously improved over its lifetime
  • We always rely on our extremely competent IVP platform, which contains both of our own algorithms and the market’s best open source AI algorithms
  • IVP provides a variety of functions adapted for industrial use


Do you have an existing vision solution with cameras and lighting that does not work well enough?

  • We can use existing rigs and only use our software to improve the quality of service
  • The result: minimal investment for improved earnings


  • We want to form genuine partnerships
  • Since the system has the potential to improve all the time continuously, a continuous relationship between us at Unibap and the customer is important
  • We have a support desk and service agreements