Get to know Henrik and Alice

Get to know Henrik and Alice

Alice and Henrik started at Unibap in September 2021 and have in a short time become both esteemed colleagues and experts in their fields.

Hey! How are you today?

Henrik: Absolutely excellent.
Alice: I am well. I grieve a little that the beautiful autumn leaves have disappeared from the trees.

Henrik with coffee in full swing.

You started at Unibap this September, with a head start on our planning day in the middle of that month, how have you gotten into your tasks and the company? And what are you working on now?

Alice begins by saying: “I have gotten into the work well. I got into the action quickly and worked with some hot subjects, now it is calmer and I have more time to get more acquainted with the frameworks and get a better overview. I have also jumped into some industrial projects. It is exciting. It gets very concrete and you can really see how it contributes to the benefit of the customers.”


Halloween decorations in progress with Alice.

“Now that I have met most of the people in the company and learned where to go with different questions, it feels like most things have fallen into place. Now it’s just working on the detailed knowledge. Right now I work mainly with systems architecture and requirements for the next generation of computers for SpaceCloud. After that, it will continue with the implementation of functions on the FPGA in the system,” Henrik adds.

It gets very concrete and you can really see how it contributes to the benefit of the customers.

Alice Anlind

Software Engineer

With Christmas closing in, which of course brings us to the issue of what the favourite season-oriented food-item is.
Henrik: Our family celebrates both Swedish and British Christmas and I have to give this one to the British, turkey and stuffing drenched in gravy is too hard to beat. Alice: A slice of kavring bread with ham, and mustard is really tasty. I would also like to, maybe sacrilegiously, put forward juniper must instead of the classical Christmas must. The juniper must has a more adult taste which has elevated my Christmas food the last few years.

A very warm welcome to the company to the both of you!

Alice and Henrik reading in on our colleague Nabar’s PHD publication.