We’re the critical glue between sensors, software, and hardware in satellites – maximizing the value derived from the data

Meet Dennis Elgaard! With an impressive background from the space industry and high-level software development, he is the newest member of the sales team here at Unibap. As the Sales Director for APAC, Dennis will be focusing on fostering client relationships in e.g South Korea, Japan, and Australia. We posed two equally intriguing questions to Dennis about the expansive field of space computing.


What are your views on the future of the space computing industry?

– The primary motivation for me to join Unibap is the increasing significance of software development in the space industry. We are witnessing fascinating developments in satellite technology, such as AI, cloud computing, and edge computing. The concept of Satellites-as-a-Service, where clients sign up for a specific mission on existing satellites, is set for rapid growth. Consequently, configuring the satellite for a particular mission becomes crucial — ensuring seamless alignment and efficient communication among sensors, computers, and hardware. Robust computing capabilities, processing power, and cutting-edge software will be the differentiating factors. The true value lies in how software enhances data fusion and selection processes.

– This advancement will significantly impact, for instance, more precise and prompt environmental monitoring, including CO2 mapping. It will also play a crucial role in responding rapidly to events like floods and earthquakes.

With limited downlink capacity, it's critical to selectively send down only the most valuable and crucial data to Earth

What role do you envision Unibap will be playing in this development?

–Unibap’s SpaceCloud solution acts as the glue between sensors (e.g., cameras), on-board computers, and the satellite itself—rapidly organizing the vast amount of collected data, selecting, and transmitting only the information that adds value to the mission. With limited downlink capacity, it’s critical to selectively send down only the most valuable and crucial data, from space to Earth. This is precisely what Unibap does best!


Dennis Elgaard holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science from Aalborg University in Denmark. Following his graduation, he embarked on a career in the space and telecom industries. His initial 5 years were spent as a software engineer, initially at Bang & Olufsen followed by contributing to the infrastructure for upcoming missions at ESOC/ESA in Germany—the control centre for satellites in Europe. Subsequently, Dennis worked at a wireless technology company in Denmark, RTX. Before joining Unibap, he spent a decade at GOMspace in Denmark as Sales Director, overseeing the APAC markets.

In his leisure time, Dennis can be found on a golf course refining his game—a passion that has taken him to extraordinary golf courses worldwide, with St. Andrews in Scotland being his favourite thus far.

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Photo: Richard Öhrn