Curious about Team Unibap and how we work?

Curious about Team Unibap and how we work? In the latest issue of Innovation Sweden, we talk about our vision, our offer and the importance of being an innovative workplace. “Our vision is to work with world-leading AI and automation solutions for a more efficient and more sustainable industry and spaceflight, and thereby a better and more sustainable world.

We want to be a meeting place for talent, it is not just something we say, it is crucial for our innovation and growth. Everyone who join us helps create the company. We believe in the strength of the multidisciplinary, where we complement each other and where we all have an important function, regardless of whether we have a focus on behavioral science, communication or AI.

That we work with technology and automation for both space and industry makes us unique. We can take experience from the space field and apply in industry and vice versa. For us, this is intellectually challenging, where together we are constantly encouraged to dare to try new ways. Participation and working together is the basis of everything we do. We want to describe it as that we are a round organization, where we are a team of competencies that together deliver to our customers ”

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