Office visit and workshop with FREJA

On Tuesday 7/12 we were visited by a group of Frejor, ie members of FREJA – Technical Physicists’ association for women and non-binaries at Uppsala University. The evening began with a dinner combined with a presentation of the company and then we had a workshop, where the members of FREJA excelled and delivered business ideas within SpaceCloud’s areas of use.

“It was incredibly rewarding and interesting to see how what we learn at the university can be used to create a product and a company. It was very fun to visit Unibap’s office and meet many nice employees and together with other Frejor get to develop our business-thinking”- Viveka Olsson, Vice Chairman of FREJA.

“An association like FREJA does an incredibly important job and we are so happy to contribute with the opportunity for women to show their skills in a male-dominated area. I am so incredibly impressed with what they achieved in such a short time, the future of women in the tech industry is bright “- Josefine Nittler, Trainee at Unibap, also former chairman of FREJA.