Order for SpaceCloud® iX10 from Hawaii Space Flight Laboratory

We have received an order for the onboard payload data handling computer to the ACMES mission (the second NASA Hyperspectral Thermal Imaging satellite mission also designated HyTI-2). The order comes after delivery, integration, and extensive testing of the iX5-solution during 2021-2023 for the first HyTI mission.

We have proved our proficiency with several in-orbit demonstrations of our iX5-family computers, and as a result we also see a significant growth in market interest for our next-generation SpaceCloud® solutions in the iX10 family, which offers superior on-orbit processing performance. With the announced deliveries and the collaboration with Hawaii Space Flight Laboratory, we continue our exciting and important journey with our next generation systems for on-orbit edge computing, says Johan Åman, Unibap.

For more information please read the press release here.