Prevas takes over Unibap’s industrial business

Prevas takes over Unibap’s industrial business. Unibap will focus entirely on our space business.

With the transfer of the company’s industrial business, Unibap will focus entirely on its space offering.

Unibap’s customers in space use the company’s SpaceCloud® solutions consisting of hardware, software and services for Edge Computing, Autonomous Operation and Cloud Computing. Edge Computing involves advanced AI/machine learning applied to image processing and analysis of large data flows. Autonomous Operation enables users to react quickly without relying on communication to the ground. Cloud Computing is illustrated by our collaboration with AWS, where server capacity on Earth is integrated with computing capacity in space. SpaceCloud® offers customers ease of development based on an open Linux platform, high capacity based on a heterogeneous computing architecture with CPU, GPU and accelerators, and the possibility of continuous value-enhancing upgrades even when the satellite is in space.

Historically, our Industry and Space business have had significant technical synergies, but over time they have developed in different directions. The space market in general shows strong growth and dynamics driven by climate and environment as well as geopolitics. In addition, Unibap contributes to the digitalization of space, where similar concepts as on earth will be used, such as AI/machine learning, Cloud, Edge, and Digital Twin. Based on the commercial progress made, according to previous reports, it is natural to now fully focus the company’s resources on the significant opportunities we see in that business area.

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