Testa Challenge week – Unibap is there

As one of six selected participants Unibap is a participant of Testa Challenge. Testa Challenge is a collaboration week organized by Cytiva, STUNS Life Sciences and Region Uppsala through Testa Center. During the week, participating companies will have the opportunity to test their products and innovations in a bioprocess environment. The goal of the week is for the participants to take steps forward in their product development and thereby ensure their quality more.

Right now our engineer Samuel is on site working with our “artificial operator”. This is a good opportunity for us to extend our field into the bioprocess setting and to gain valuable insights into how our products work in more industries than those in which we already are established.

If you want to learn more about our project in the Testa Challenge, please watch the video below. For more information about Testa Challenge please visit http://testachallenge.com/.