The experience of production is important for Unibap business developer Milad Abdhagh

Milad Abdhagh started as a business developer at Unibap at the beginning of the year. After 15 years at ABB, he was ready for new challenges and was attracted by the technology that Unibap works with.
– I see the future in the technology that Unibap has developed. It is great to work with a technology that is growing and to be able to contribute to implementing AI and intelligent vision in the industry, says Milad.

Milad works at Unibap’s office in the middle of central Västerås and is a “Västeråser” from scratch.
– I grew up in Västerås and have both educated myself and worked here all my life. Immediately after high school, I started at ABB as a fitter, after that I have been a shift manager and I also had the opportunity to participate in various production technology projects. After a break when I trained in international marketing, I returned to ABB as sales manager.

What do you bring from your previous experiences working today at Unibap?
– The experience of working in production and also being able to listen to the challenges of many different industrial companies is something I benefit from today. It is a strength that our Intelligent Vision Platform can help all different types of manufacturing industry with their challenges in terms of quality control, inspection of welds, picking and more. For me, it is fascinating with the width of the processes we can help with, everything from picking and quality control of spruce embryos to quality inspection of cast metal details. My experience means that I know what is required for our technology to work well in production.

It is exciting to work with innovators in different industries

One of the things that attracted Milad to Unibap was also the work environment and colleagues.
– I was recommended to talk to Mikael Steiner, our sales manager, and I felt that it clicked from day one. For me, it is extremely important to be able to have good colleagues to exchange ideas with and that there is trust and confidence. Not less important when I started at Unibap in connection with the corona pandemic. For us, it is important to listen to the companies’ challenges, as our solutions are adapted to the customer’s needs.

At Unibap, colleagues have gotten to know Milad as a creative person who is innovative. What many do not know is that in his spare time he spends a lot of time producing music.
– In fact, I have been doing it ever since I was 19 years old. I get an outlet for my creativity and have gradually learned more and more. I make a whole lot of beats, mostly in modern r’n’b and hip hop. For me, it is important to be inspired, whether it is at work or in my free time. That is why it is so fun to have the opportunity to work with innovators in different industries at Unibap. Those who dare to think new and work with a cutting-edge supplier like us in AI, vision and robotics, they are brave and deserve all the cred. It is inspiring to work with so many motivated individuals. Do you want to hear how we could develop your processes in your industry? Do not hesitate to contact me or Mikael Steiner, says Milad Abdhagh at Unibap