Cooperation and system integration with Ubotica Technologies

Space apps are now easier to deploy and faster than ever

Unibap and Ubotica Technologies cooperate by integrating Ubotica’s CogniSatTM CVAI ToolkitTM, powered by the Intel® Movidius™ Myriad™X, with Unibap’s SpaceCloud®!

Ubotica Technologies, with headquarters in Dublin, Ireland, provides Space solutions, through its CogniSat™ platform, in the areas of Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence in embedded systems and on-satellite.

As an Intel® partner and a member of the Intel® AI Builders Program, Ubotica has access to the latest generations of Intel® Movidius™ Vision Processing Units (VPUs), which handle Computer Vision and edge AI workloads efficiently. Ubotica has recently integrated the Intel® Movidius™ Myriad™X VPU into their CogniSatTM CVAI Toolkit™, enabling the deployment of accelerated Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence applications in-orbit.

On D-orbit’s Wild Ride mission the CVAI Toolkit™ is for the first time integrated with SpaceCloud® to demonstrate accelerated Computer Vision and Artificial Intelligence algorithms. This compatibility is demonstrated by running an AI application that performs direct segmentation of ships. With the addition of the CV and AI acceleration software to the SpaceCloud® Ecosystem, we unlock the full use of Myriad-X for use in space.

Unibap’s SpaceCloud® Ecosystem captures the most vital tools for users to unleash the power of AI/ML on-orbit by providing state-of-the-art architectures and combining them with effective software tools to process data on-board satellites to change how data is shaped and used. This enables rapid development and deployment of applications on-board satellites to process data in a fast and power-efficient manner, making applications in space faster than ever.

The Ubotica team