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  • 4 April, 2018

    Unibap in partnership with Brainpool

    Brainpool is an association that supports young people with special talent in their social and intellectual development. Through a new agreement, Unibap becomes one of Brainpool’s main partners. This means long-term cooperation, both financially and through Unibap’s participation in Brainpool’s activities.

    – Unibap is building a business where differences and talent have a natural place, says Stina Boman Wittich, co-founder and chairman of Brainpool. The company is a role model in several ways and their products are highly advanced, which inspires our members to develop their own potential.

    – We are happy and proud that Brainpool chooses to cooperate with us, says Fredrik Bruhn, CEO of Unibap. It is a privilege to get to know these young people and to contribute to their development. The partnership with Brainpool is an important step towards realizing our vision of being a natural meeting place for talents.

    More information about Brainpool at
    Article about Brainpool and Unibap on the Swedish insurance company Skandia’s web site

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