Unibap receives hardware order from US distributor

Unibap’s US distributor Moog Inc. is ordering SpaceCloud development units for 150,000 USD with immediate delivery. These iX10-family development units will be distributed to customers in the United States.

This is a follow-on order by Moog Inc. to meet the rapidly growing interest in the iX10-family of application development units. The units will be delivered to customers in the United States who have selected Unibap’s SpaceCloud®-solution as the basis for their development.

The order is for 150,000 USD and will be delivered immediately for distribution to customers in the US.


– This deal continues Unibap’s introduction of software development solutions for applications ready to be deployed on satellite missions using Unibap’s SpaceCloud for on-board processing. Designing and delivering development computers to a customer as a first step in a business relationship has proven to be a successful model. When the customer is pleased with the capacities of the development computer, we then can deliver an Engineering model and finally a Flight model that is launched into orbit.  I am very pleased that we now are ramping up our deliveries. We have proved our proficiency with in-orbit demonstrations of our iX5-100-computers and with this deal we are continuing our exciting journey with our next generation high performance on-board processing solutions in the iX10-family by selling a significant number of iX10-ADS development units to our customers.