Welcome to Unibap – Anders Österberg!

Unibap has welcomed the esteemed engineer Anders Österberg, as Senior Systems Architect. Anders has an educational background in electrical engineering from KTH Royal Institute of Technology. After graduating in 1986, Anders joined Bofors Aerotronics and started working on the JAS project.

-The JAS aircraft was among the first to provide synthetic speech for warnings, and I built the first speech synthesis for JAS. Later I was technically responsible for the radio system for JAS, working closely with SAAB and the The Swedish Defence Materiel Administration (FMV).

After the end of the cold war, military investments slowed and Anders found a new career in the telecom industry and later the semiconductor industry at Mycronic Laser Systems.

Anders Österberg

-I focused on systems engineering, project management and technical sales support to customers in US, Korea and Japan. I also had a chance to develop my expertise in high-performance computing, which always has been a passion of mine.

Before Anders joined Unibap last month, he worked at Scienta.

-Unibap attracted me because of its focus on technology, innovation and computing in challenging conditions. It ties back to my first job in the JAS project, especially regarding radiation safety. Space is a booming industry, and the lowered costs due to companies like SpaceX represent a paradigm shift. It’s thrilling to contribute to that development.

What is your role at Unibap?

-My title is Senior Systems Architect, but I like to think of it as doing what needs to be done. My job will be to understand the design challenges, the semiconductor processes, and components suitable for space, the regulatory frameworks, and how certain semiconductor processes make components more or less resistant to radiation. I’ll also be focusing on the roadmap for high-performance components and how their development will impact Unibap’s space computers.

Outside of work Anders have dabbled in gold prospecting in Northern Finland, and built his own shaker deck. Anders is also a pilot with experience flying single-engine propeller planes for fun or even to vacations.

-I have been enjoying my work at Unibap since I started, and I’m looking forward to the challenges and opportunities ahead. I look forward to meeting with new contacts in the Space sector and meeting up with partners and customers.

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