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    Factory of Tomorrow

    Unibap and GE Digital presents the Digital Thread

    A new vision for manufacturing

    No matter how fast or precisely they move, industrial robots only adapt as quickly as people can program them. Modified product specs, process improvements, customized orders—small changes like these add up to big costs whenever human intervention is required. Unibap provides solutions for flexible industrial robots for autonomous manufacturing together with GE Digital and Intel. Unibap’s solution for autonomous manufacturing integrates and combines Intelligent Automation (IA) and automatic quality inspection & Operations for discrete manufacturing.

    Introduction to Unibap capabilities demonstrated at Intel 5GIC Center in Sweden.

    Introduction to Unibap and GE Digital “Digital Thread” solution.

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    Moog Broad Reach

    U.S. Distributor of Unibap's Aerospace & Defense products

    Moog Inc, Space and Defense Group, through Moog Broad Reach is the official US distributor for Unibap’s aerospace and defense products. This include our intelligent onboard information processing solutions and development kits. Moog also have a license to create hardened products based on Unibap designs and know-how. Please contact Moog for distribution of Unibap’s products in the US and high-end products. Visit Moog for further information.

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    Cooperation as Value Provider

    Unibap is a Value Provider to ABB

    Unibap is a Value Provider with ABB and ABB’s licensed system integrators for robot automation. Unibap’s products and solutions for smart plants with Intelligent Vision System (IVS) technology for automated quality control and programming-free automation are areas that strengthens’ the overall value and flexibility of industrial automation. Unibap offer robot suppliers a complement for digitizing smart plants with increased productivity and efficiency using solutions based on Deep Learning. Unibap’s independent and easy-to-use solutions for, among other things, automatic quality service that, in combination with industrial robots, can inspect most sides and surfaces of objects. The industrial robot can display the object from different angles like a human operator inspecting an article and therefore increased robotization in smart factories drives a market trend to deploy more industrial robots. Unibap also works with robot guidance, which is an interesting technique that can generate new solutions for applications in industrial flexible automation, in addition Unibap’s solutions can be integrated into major industrial cloud services.

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    Intelligent Vision Systems technology

    Unibap’s Intelligent Vision System (IVS) technology bring cognitive skills to your manufacturing cells and digitization of the production flow. IVS can provide a new layer of quality assurance by rejecting bad items, or providing the understanding for programming free robot operations while communicating with Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES). The IVS architecture brings machine learning to smart plants, enabling the cross-over beyond the connected factory to Industry 5.0. Highly valuable flexibility is offered by the IVS technology being compatible with industrial cloud solutions such as General Electric (GE) Predix and seamless integration with major robot vendors such as ABB, Fanuc, Kuka, Universal Robots, and Yaskawa.

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