Application Development Systems 

Unibap provide Application Development Systems to enable mission customers to get a head start in their software development, and third party SpaceCloud® users to create new applications.  

Application Development System

The iX5 and iX10 Application Development Systems (ODE and ADS-W and ADS-X, respectively) contain the same CPU and GPU architectures as our engineering and flight models with an easy-to-start HW design. For example, they provide user-friendly enclosures with built-in thermal management, and are equipped with additional I/O interfaces, e.g., VGA, HDMI and Display ports, for improved accessibility. Hence, they are excellent tools for creating apps and software that will later run on our space grade computer solutions. 


In addition to our Application Development Systems, we support software developers with In-Orbit Verification opportunities, where they can test and verify their applications on Unibap SpaceCloud computers already in space. 

Key features: 

  • Same CPU, GPU and I/O interfaces as their iX5 and iX10 counterparts 
  • Extended connectivity through VGA, HDMI and Display ports 
  • Built-in thermal management for standalone operation 

Download the ADS product overview