SpaceCloud® OS and Framework

SpaceCloud® OS is Unibap’s Linux based operating system for space. Together with our software framework, and a wide application suite, it facilitates simple and reliable execution of Edge Computing, Autonomous Operations, and Cloud Computing in space.  

SpaceCloud OS’s Linux heritage combined with its reliability and robustness enables rapid software development for a wide variety of users, including those without previous space experience. The containerized framework makes applications run safely and isolated from other spacecraft systems, and its SafetyChip and SafetyBoot functions ensures reliable operation, even in harsh radiation environments. Integrated on our highly able computer solutions, SpaceCloud OS makes it possible to implement state-of-the-art AI and machine learning inference in space.


Key features: 

  • Rapid Software Development. Thanks to its Linux backbone, SpaceCloud® OS guarantees rapid software development, whether you’re a space expert or not. 
  • Universal Compatibility. Robust and seamless communication with almost any payload or system. 
  • Expansive Application Range. Choose from a wide variety of custom-made applications, from both Unibap and third-party developers. 

Download the SpaceCloud® OS and Framework overview