SpaceCloud® iX10-101

SpaceCloud® computer solution for space systems with AMD HPC ROCm support.


The iX10 family is Unibap’s most competent and versatile computer solution for highly demanding space applications. It offers a wide range of I/O interfaces, exceptional data processing capabilities, and extensive storage capacities, with a proven maturity of TRL 8.

The iX10-101 contains an AMD Ryzen V1000 CPU with Radeon GPUs paired with SATA and NVMe SSD storage, a Microsemi PolarFire FPGA, and an optional mini PCIexpress (mPCIe) AI processing accelerator (e.g. Intel Movidius Myriad X VPU). In its fully equipped configuration, the iX10-101 provides approximately 20 times the processing power and 40 times the storage capacity when compared to the iX5 family.


Key features:*

  • Market-leading I/O – Connect anything to everything with the iX10-101’s vast interfacing capability. The standard configuration offers a number of CameraLink, Ethernet, SpaceWire, USB 3.0, CAN, I2C and Serial ports, with even more connectivity available on demand.
  • Cutting-edge performance – Unleash Earth’s computing force in space. Powered by AMD Ryzen V1000 CPU, AMD Radeon GPUs, and Intel Movidius Myriad X VPU, the iX10 is engineered for the most intricate computations and AI tasks, and its Microsemi PolarFire FPGA and robust SATA and NVMe SSD storage delivers unmatched flexibility and reliability for your mission.
  • User-friendly – The iX10 is a perfect vehicle to implement the opportunities of open platform computing in space. It runs on Unibap’s SpaceCloudOS, a Linux-based operating system that allows even those without prior space experience to create reliable and robust software for the most complex of space missions.

*Unibap offers customization of our standard products to make them fit the customer’s needs

Download the iX10-101 product overview