Unibap uses intelligent application of AI and digitalization to create a more effective and sustainable industry, on Earth and in space.

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Intelligent automation solutions for the future, for Earth and space

Unibap combines AI with vision technology and robotics to streamline production flows in several industries. Furthermore we transform the space industry by empowering satellites with AI and intelligent cloud solutions.

Introduction to Unibap

– combines Spacetech and Indtech in an unique way

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Eco system for AI and cloud solutions in space crafts.

Intelligent Vision Platform

Combines AI, vision and robotics to solve problems in manufacturing industries.

“Unibap is a key partner in Moog’s continued development of next-generation radiation-tolerant GPU space products. Moog is proud to represent Unibap on the US market”

John Schaf

Manager Payload Avionics, Moog Space and Defense Group

”The collaboration with Unibap feels extremely inspiring and rewarding. Our companies’ respective technologies complement each other in an excellent way. We see that lots of synergy effects through the collaboration. To apply space technology in a Swedish innovation for agriculture and thus work for the development of sustainable food production, it feels good both in the heart and commercially.”

Erik Jonuks

CEO, Ekobot

Wild Ride mission

Unibap's SpaceCloud solution is integrated into D-Orbits ION Wild Ride mission.


Together with SweTree, Unibap develop a pilot production line for automatic picking and quality control of small bio-articles.

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Head of sales, Space

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