NASA DSA simulator

25 Unibap “Scalable spacecraft compute evaluation” SpaceCloud systems are powering the backbone of the NASA Ames Research Center’s DSA. A ground-based research autonomy simulator for future spacecraft autonomy architectures.

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Aim set for a game change in scalable autonomy capabilities

Distributed Spacecraft Autonomy (DSA) project seeks to advance NASA’s scalable autonomy capabilities. Autonomy is an essential technology for multi-spacecraft missions. Autonomous decision-making would allow multiple spacecraft to share data and make quick decisions together, thus overcoming any latency and bandwidth constraints.

NASA has selected Unibap as provider of 25 SpaceCloud “Scalable spacecraft compute evaluation” products from the iX5-family of on-board payload data processing units for their Distributed Spacecraft Autonomy research. The products will be used for NASA’s ground-based research to advance autonomous capabilities for distributed space systems at NASA Ames Research Center in Mountain View, Silicon Valley, California.

The delivery was made during first half of 2021. Unibap will support NASA with on-site integration in partnership with Unibap’s US distributor.

We are thrilled to deliver our SpaceCloud solutions as the backbone for NASA's scalable autonomy simulator that will lay the groundwork for future spacecraft autonomy architectures. This is a great example where government and industry can partner to bring the benefits of modular deployable software and digitalization to space utilization.

Dr. Fredrik Bruhn

Chief evangelist & company director, Unibap

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