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    Regulatory information (in Swedish) is available in the Investor relations section.


    Communication code for ABB and Universal Robots

    Within the ”Perfect View” project Unibap has now implemented controller support for both ABB and Universal Robots industrial robots. When running an assembly application Unibap utilizes the output from a CAD program to generate instructions for the Intelligent Vision System (IVS-70). The IVS-70 will apply its computing and vision capabilities to plan the work necessary to fulfill the instructions from the CAD model.

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    Unibap winner of Subcontractor Jumpstart

    Unibap was rewarded first prize and an 100,000 SEK innovation check in the competition “Subcontractor Jumpstart”. With the following motivation, Unibap was appointed winner: Unibap has already proven itself in the market for AI. The jury has paid particular attention to the technical height, uniqueness and team competence.

    Subcontractor Jumpstart is organized by Elmia Subcontractor, Teknikföretagen (“the technology companies”) and Mjärdevi Science Park. This year eight companies were selected as contestants based on their strong growth and groundbreaking technology.

    Read article in the Swedish magazine Ny Teknik [New Technology]

    A visit from Swedish television

    In September, Swedish national public TV broadcaster SVT conducted an interview with Unibap’s CEO Fredrik Bruhn. Journalist Thomas von Heijne and photographer Pär Ström visited Unibap’s Uppsala office. The TV spot was broadcasted on September 27th in Sweden’s largest news program “Rapport”.


    Karolina Bruhn Head of operations

    On 1 September, Karolina Bruhn will start as Head of Operations, and she will also be a member of Unibap’s management team. In her new role, she will be responsible for developing the production flow and building on relationships with suppliers and customers.

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